Saturday, November 21, 2009


A month ago or so I started taking a watercolor class at the local Art Center, mainly so I can discipline myself to take at least some time each week for getting back into an art mode. The teacher's style is completely different from what I learned/did in college (about a thousand years ago) so I am having to stretch myself right out of my own box. It feels good and a little weird at the same time. I'm experimenting more than maybe I ever did, which is a good thing. So anyway here are two of my favorite watercolor paintings so far.

The inspiration for this one is from a photograph I took one day several years ago when I was driving home from work. The clouds were awesome and I loved the colors in the layers of the hills.

This one is a still life that I basically copied from a picture that I found in a Sunset magazine.

I left out all the background and tried to mess around with the greens and reds in the leaves. This is also an experiment in using a lighter hand, since I have a tendency to overdo. I think I like it. :-)

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